Here is some important information to make your experience awesome!

Are Spectators Free?

Yes of course, we even have central viewing areas to ensure spectators are right in the middle of the action!

Is there a weight limit?

No Way, if you can walk, you can jump at Dialled. Bouncing is a great form of exercise for all.

Are there age restrictions?

Not a chance! If you can walk you can jump. For those that can only crawl, join our Wednesday Preschool Sessions

Do I have to book?

Yes it pays to. We would hate for you to turn up and were full. Note we do not take phone bookings either so book on this website.

Can I book over the phone?

Nope! Too many kids love to call us with hoax calls sorry.

What are your opening Hours?

Click here for all the info on your local Dialled

Can I bring food in to the park?

Of course.

Do you have a café or coffee?

Yes we do and the coffee is great. No hot food though sorry, only snacks.

Do I need socks?

No. Don’t we live in bare feet and jandals in NZ? You can wear your own socks however we believe bare feet is safer. Those silly Trampoline Park socks socks are just an excuse for the business to charge you more. The tramps are disinfected regularly too.

Do I need to sign another waiver if I’ve been before?

Nope. Once you’re in our system just come to the counter and we will check you in

Why do I need to sign a waiver?

To ensure you have been through our safety processes.